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CodewowError: "We couldn't ping your server to check it's MOTD. Is it offline? (PC)"
If you're seeing this error when attempting to add your server to the list, there are a few potential causes.

1. The IP you entered may have been misspelled/mistyped. 
2. The port you entered is incorrect.
3. An external DNS issue is causing your domain to not resolve to your IP address. (If you're using a domain name or sub-domain)

Potential fixes:

1. Check that you spelled your domain or typed your IP correctly. No extra periods, numbers, etc.
2. Check that your port is accurate. Some hosting providers reserve the right to change your port number if you do not pay for a dedicated IP package. 
3. Wait a little while, especially if you just recently set up your domain/sub-domain name. It can take anywhere from 1 minute to 1 hour for your registrar to update your zone file. (This is usually out of your and our control)

If any of these did not resolve the issue, please reach out to us. The quickest means of support is through our discord server.

This article will be updated pending additional information/incidents that may cause this error.

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